22 Mar

This project will install new box conduit, consolidate combined sewer outflows and install new drains and water lines to protect Back Cove. It is scheduled to begin in May of 2021 and will result in multiple long street closures throughout the project.

The first phase will result in the closing of Baxter Boulevard from Payson Park to Vannah Avenue. The walking path will remain open. It is expected this work will continue through the summer and fall of 2021. Once that section is complete, Baxter Boulevard will be closed from Vannah Ave. to Dartmouth Street. Once that work is completed, Dartmouth Street will be closed from Baxter Boulevard to Forest Avenue. It is expected that the latter phases will continue throughout 2022 with final paving and striping in the spring of 2023.

Please visit the City of Portland Maine website for more details.

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