29 Mar

On a periodic basis, the City of Portland "lifts up the hood" and evaluates its City Charter, looking at opportunities for improvements. The Charter is our constitution, establishing the rules and regulations that guide city governance. 2021 is such a time (the last was in 2009-2010), when a new Commission will sit and review the Charter.

The changes recommended by this Commission may be small, they may be large, but they will all have long-term implications for how our city is run, and how we interact with City Hall. In June there will be elections across Portland, including District 4, to send individuals to the Charter Commission. Don't forget to vote!

BCNA is planning a "meet the candidates" virtual meeting in May with the candidates from District 4, and coordinating with other neighborhood associations for a similar event with the District 3 candidates.   BCNA and adjacent neighborhood associations will also send a questionnaire to each of the "at large" candidates, and we will share their responses with you. 

Check back here for updates about the virtual meeting!

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