10 Mar

For 2021-2022, the following are the Officers, Board and Committee Chairs of the Back Cove Neighborhood Association of Portland, Maine.  

Gretchen Stanton - President
David Torresen - Vice President
Judy Montgomery - Treasurer and Open Space Chair
David Very - Secretary and Community Events Chair
Lydia Wagner - Board and Traffic and Safety Chair
Carol Colton - Board and Aging in Place Chair
Board Members - Tori Bachman, Jeff Blake, Jacki Cohen, Bruce Gobi, Austin Gregory, David Lynch, Jon Morrill, John Spritz and Andrew Zarro

We need people interested in the improvement of our neighborhood to join our Board and Committees. The commitment is minimal but rewarding! 

If you want to join or get involved in any way, please contact Gretchen Stanton or e-mail us at info@BackCovePortland.org.

* The email will not be published on the website.